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Cases of Celebrities Sacked From Ad Campaigns

Celebrities are supposed to make certain brands look appealing but sometimes they can cause more controversy than necessary. Next: O.J. Simpson (Hertz)Steve Rannazzisi (Buffalo Wild Wings)This list was inspired by the League’s Steve Rannazzisi, who recently stated that he lied

13 Early Photos of Hip Hop Stars

Not all people in the world of hip hop were always that handsome. Next: Jay-ZNicki MinajShe’s really done quite a number on her appearance over the years. Next: Jay-Z

10 Celebrities Who Died Too Soon

It’s so tragic when we lose a talented celebrity when they’re far too young.  The talent and beauty lost when stars burn out early saddens us all. These ten stars died too soon! Source: Images Next: Heath Ledger, Age 28Paul Walker, Age

10 Actors and Actresses Who CANNOT Work Together

With the stress of production looming over every day on the set, there are just some people who can’t work together!  The egos and baggage involved with some of our most loved stars mean that they don’t play well with others.

10 Celebrity Couples Who Look Weird Together

No matter how much two people love each other, sometimes they just don’t seem to match physically. These celebrity couples just look weird together. Next: Howard and Beth SternKaty Perry and Russel BrandPerry’s beautiful. Brand is, certainly, something to behold.

10 Celebrities From Famous Families

Haven’t we all dreamed of being the daughter of a famous actor, showered with attention and the best of everything? It’s not all a bed of roses, though – celeb kids have a lot to contend with, and while their

He Left His Wife For Who!?

If you’re wondering how likely it is that your steady boyfriend would leave his wife for you, let us clear that up – it’s not likely at all! But here are a few ladies who beat the odds and the

10 Sad Celebrity Murders

There’s no mystery here. These celebrities have all taken a life, and while some tragedy sure informs a performance, these stories are sometimes shocking, sometimes heartbreaking. Next: SnoopMathew BroderickAs a result of a 1987 car accident, Broderick killed the driver

10 Secret Celebrity Photos

Pretty much everybody has some photos out there that they kind of wish didn’t exist, but we live with the fact that our poor fashion choices are memorialized on film. These celebrity photos, secret stashed away, are rarely seen but

Top 10 Ultimate Magicians in the world.

Magic has long fascinated mankind. Human beings are both perplexed and drawn in by that which they cannot understand or comprehend. While the world, and the television, appears to be full of magicians these days they are not all accurate

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