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12 Foods That Will Flick Off Your Weight Loss Goals

Losing weight is a struggle, especially when you’re surrounded around so many foods that look and smell amazing. When I go on my ‘diets,’ in order to achieve weight loss, I literally have to lock myself inside the house for

12 Amazing Pictures From the Sears Catalog

Sears started offering its shop-at-home catalog back around the turn of the twentieth century. The catalog is no longer around but it did generate a few amazing scenes that are reflective of a retail period gone by. Next: Buy Your

Cases of Celebrities Sacked From Ad Campaigns

Celebrities are supposed to make certain brands look appealing but sometimes they can cause more controversy than necessary. Next: O.J. Simpson (Hertz)Steve Rannazzisi (Buffalo Wild Wings)This list was inspired by the League’s Steve Rannazzisi, who recently stated that he lied

11 Upscale Airport Lounges You’ve Probably Never Seen

Sure, you’ve been in an airport before, but have you been in the most amazing part of those airports? I’m talking about the first-class lounges that are designed to make the upper class feel like they are at home. Chances

10 of the Best Disney Movie Secrets

Disney movies, like most movies, are made by talented and creative people who don’t always stick to the script! These great secrets are hidden gems in the modern and classic Disney tales we all love Next: FrozenTangledIn the movie Tangled,

10 Celebrities From Famous Families

Haven’t we all dreamed of being the daughter of a famous actor, showered with attention and the best of everything? It’s not all a bed of roses, though – celeb kids have a lot to contend with, and while their

10 Sad Celebrity Murders

There’s no mystery here. These celebrities have all taken a life, and while some tragedy sure informs a performance, these stories are sometimes shocking, sometimes heartbreaking. Next: SnoopMathew BroderickAs a result of a 1987 car accident, Broderick killed the driver

10 Amazing Facts about Life In Spain

Do you ever think about taking a trip to Europe and wonder what would be different there? You’re in luck! Here are some wild and wacky facts about Spain. Source: Images Next: La TomatinaLadies of the NightStreet walking in Spain

10 Lies They Taught You In School

Schools are supposed to be trustworthy spots for education…right? Next: Were There 13 Colonies?Deoxygenated Blood Is Blue?The blue appearance of veins comes from light causing pigmentation to refract red colors, thus creating a blue color. Next: Were There 13 Colonies?

10 Kids’ Books That Show No Shame

Every parent loves reading books to their kids; it’s like what we do as parents. But when those books somehow inadvertently refer to inappropriate or disturbing things, it can get kind of weird. I take that back, it can get

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