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12 Amazing Pictures From the Sears Catalog

Sears started offering its shop-at-home catalog back around the turn of the twentieth century. The catalog is no longer around but it did generate a few amazing scenes that are reflective of a retail period gone by. Next: Buy Your

12 Amazingly Creative Body Art Painting!!

The human form can be considered a work of art in itself and these striking examples of creative body art make it undeniable. There are many talented body-painting artists who are capable of transforming the human form into something even

15 Most Incredible 3D Street Art!

There are some street artists who use their creativity to do the same amount of graffiti art illusions without being destructive or costing anyone a lot of money, well, that is not more than the money they spend on chalk

10 Most Expensive Shoes In The World!!

If you’ve ever seen shows like MTV Cribs, or any reality TV show based around celebrities or wealthy housewives, you’re probably already aware that the world’s rich and famous spend more money on shoes that most of us make in

15 Of The Highest Grossing Actors of all time!

When it comes to acting, success can be measured in a lot of different ways — awards, respect, critical acclaim, prolifically — but what movie executives really care about is profitability. 15 Of The Highest Grossing Actors of all time! Next:

12 “The X Factor” Contestants Who Actually Made It Big

From the auditions to superstardom. Despite claiming the coveted title of X Factor winner, not all of the named made it big, but some of those who missed out on the top spot have seen real success since their appearances

15 Romantic Love for fun tips to keep the fire burning.

Your husband’s idea of romance might be a night of ESPN, nachos and you (at least you’re part of it, right?). Another husband might prefer soft music, scented candles, and, oh yeah, you, of course! Look for little, inexpensive ways to

13 Incredibly Creative Nail Art!

Many of us admire nail art designs but are scared to do it on our own nails because we think it is a complex art. But creating a nail art design is simpler than you thought but it needs patience

Top 10 hit songs to lift your mood and get you movin’

your day is going the wrong way in last gear but getting out of it is as easy as hitting the play button. Here’s a list of 10 songs to get you outta the Hell-Na lane and onto the turn-up

10 Easy Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss is a hard endeavor for many of individuals.  Listed below are some easy tips to follow to help you lose weight, Next: Eat More FiberCut Out BreadSwap out the simple carbs found in bread for the complex carbs