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10 Sad Celebrity Murders

There’s no mystery here. These celebrities have all taken a life, and while some tragedy sure informs a performance, these stories are sometimes shocking, sometimes heartbreaking. Next: SnoopMathew BroderickAs a result of a 1987 car accident, Broderick killed the driver

10 Lies They Taught You In School

Schools are supposed to be trustworthy spots for education…right? Next: Were There 13 Colonies?Deoxygenated Blood Is Blue?The blue appearance of veins comes from light causing pigmentation to refract red colors, thus creating a blue color. Next: Were There 13 Colonies?

15 Hilarious Cake Wrecks LOL

The effort parents put into having a special birthday cake for their children is deserving of a slow-clap standing ovation. Be it store-bought or homemade, birthday cakes are basically the most important part of a child’s birthday, so we do

10 Pathetically Sad Wedding Photos That Should Be Burned

Your wedding photos are supposed to be something you can look back on to help you reminisce about that magical nice over and over again.Yeah, well that can’t happen if the photos are extremely awkward and will sure to send

12 Huge Business Twitter Fails

Twitter is supposed to be a great place for businesses to market themselves in, right? Next: The Spaghettio’s guy doesn’t seem to get the mood. Next: